How do I set up an email address?

Shortly after signing up, you will be able to access your email account via
You will be given an administrative email address and password, which will allow you to set up any additional mailboxes and to make administrative changes.
To set up additional email accounts, please follow instructions below:
  1. You need to go to <>
  2. Enter your administrative email address (user<AT>
  3. Enter your password
  4. Once you access your web-based email, you can add new accounts, create aliases, set forwarding, etc.
  5. To add a new user click on the Settings Icon (Pair of Gears on the left), then click on Users under Domain Settings, Add New
  6. When adding a new user you do not have to specify your domain. Enter your user name, password and display name. You also have the option of giving the new user Administrative Access by enabling domain administrator access.

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