How do I transfer my domain name to Infosaic?

It's optional to transfer your domain. If you want to keep your domain with your current registrar, you can just point the domain to our name servers.
If you want to transfer your domain to us, there is an option when you sign up to transfer your domain to Infosaic.
After you sign up, we we will need the following from you in order for the domain transfer to be successful:
1. You will need to contact your current registrar to unlock your domain and receive the domain authorization key.
2. Next, forward the authorization key to Infosaic.Send this information to
3. Last, make sure the WHOIS contact information is up-to-date with the current registrar as the WHOIS contact will need to approve a verification email for the transfer to complete.
4. Transfers take 1 - 5 days from the time you approve the verification email.
Please note, you always have the option of pointing your domain to our name servers, before transferring the domain. If you point the domain to us, the domain will work with the hosting in less than 24 hours.
Important Transfer Policy Change: if you change the WHOIS contact information, the domain will be locked for 60 days with no option to transfer between registrars until the lock is released. This new ICANN policy went into effect December 1, 2016.


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