Stop the Spam! Please review how our new procedure works:

Our spam procedure looks at incoming email that has been identified as email coming from a black listed server. If the email comes from a server which is on any of the 5 black lists we use, then the email will be identified as spam. To sort your spam you can select any of the three options below:

1. Allow all the spam to come into your inbox, and you can determine whether this is something you want to delete. (default setting)

2. Automatically send anything marked as spam (email from blacklisted servers) to your bulk folder. Then you have the option of moving the spam from your bulk folder to your inbox or just deleting it. (recommended setting)

3. You may select to automatically delete any mail marked as spam. If you choose this option it will not go to a bulk folder or your inbox, it will be deleted before it ever reaches your mailbox.

The default setting is for all "spam detected email to go to your inbox. If you wish to modify this setting, just go to the Spam Control option in your control panel to select the option that works best for you.

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