How do I move my site to you?

You have lots of options to move your site. We can also assist you with your site migration.

First, upload your site to the temporary URL that we provide to you when you sign up if this is an existing site or use your new domain if this is a new site.

Here are a few options to upload your site:

1. We support all the main stream FTP solutions like:
FileZilla, Core FTP, CuteFTP, SmartFTP and ShareFile.  So you can transfer your site using FTP.

2. Another great option is our Advanced File Manager. Through this portion of our control panel, you can upload your zipped up site files, unzip them and all files will appear right through the Advanced File Manager Interface.

3. You can also connect to your project with the web development or design tool of your choice to upload your project.

Also, if your email service will be moved to Infosaic, make sure email is set up on the mail server. Our mail server can be accessed with your admin email by going to Here you set up your email addresses.

To recap:

1. Upload your site to our server and test it.
2. Set up email on our mail server. (You can configure any computers or devices after you point your domain to us).

Last, after you have completed the steps above, you will be ready to point your domain to our name servers or IP. Are you ready? Our name servers are:

Also, if you are only hosting your site, you have the option of using your registrar's name servers and just modifying the A records for the purpose of hosting your site. This way if your email is hosted with a different provider or internally, you won't have to make any DNS changes for your mail service.

More questions or if you want us to move your site, let us know! Most sites we can move an no additional cost. If you have a highly complex site, then we can discuss your options.

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