Mailing Lists Basic Terms

  Name - The name of the mailing list. SmarterMail will use the name to create the email address associated to this mailing list.
  • Moderator - The "owner" of the mailing list. The moderator must be a user in your domain.
  • Password -To restrict subscribers from sending emails to a mailing list, type a passowrd in this field. Note: To send emails to a mailing list that is password protected, you must send the password in the subject enclosed by brackets and colons. For example, Subject: [:password:] Attention all subscribers).
    • Enabled - Check this box to enable password protection for this mailing list.
  • Allowed Posters - An email that is sent to the mailing list (and therefore to its subscribers) is considered to be "posted". Use this field to specify who has access to post to the list.
    • Anyone - Setting the list to "anyone" means that when anyone, regardless of whether they are subscribed to the list or not, sends an email to the list, it will be sent out to all members. Note: This setting can cause abuse if it is not closely monitored.
    • Subscribers Only - Setting the list to "subscribers only" allows the list subscribers, and only the list subscribers, to send and receive posts. The moderator will still be permitted to post.
    • Moderators Only - If the moderator is set as the post option, only the moderator will be able to post to the list. This means that no one else, not even list subscribers, will be able to post.

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