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Here are a few helpful hints in your quest to eliminate spam and improve your mail performance:

1. Make sure you use the Trusted Senders option under Settings. If a user consistently ends up in your spam folder. Click on the Settings icon (pair of gears), then Trusted Senders, click New and here you add the domain name or email address to ensure this sender ends up in your Inbox.

2. If you do not like our default spam settings, you can make them stricter or less strict; however if they are too strict, you can end up losing email or if they are less strict, you can end up with a lot of spam. We recommend the default; however if you want to tweak these settings, click on Settings, Filtering (This filters at the domain level, and individuals can over-ride this), Click over-ride and Save. Next click on Actions and specify the Weight for Low, Medium and High probablity and the Action. Please note that if you opt to delete email under high probability those emails will not be delivered. So if you are testing your settings, you may want to specify - send to junk.

Here are the definintions of Weight and Action:


When you override the spam options set by your system administrator, you can choose the actions that are taken when email comes in that has a low, medium, or high probability of being spam. For each spam level, choose the action you wish to have taken. If you choose to add text to the subject line of messages, type the text in the box below the action drop down.Note: If you are using the default spam options that were set up by your administrator, these settings cannot be edited.

 Current Weights
Each type of spam check has an associated weight that factors into the spam probability of a message. When an email comes in, all of the checks listed are run, and for each check that the message fails, the weight is added to the overall score of the email. The thresholds for each spam probability are examined, and the email is placed into the appropriate category.

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