Configuring Email on your Computer, Phone or Device

Here are the steps to set up your email accounts on your computer or device:
First make sure the email account is set up on our Web Mail server.
1.    Go to
2.    Login as the email administrator (That is the hosting account user name @yourdomain and hosting password).
3.    Once logged in, click on Settings, Users and here you can view/add each of your users.
Information for MS Outlook, Windows Live, Apple Mail or any email client installed on your Smartphone, iPhone or Mobile Device:
General Information:
1.    Your name
2.    Your email address
3.    Your password as set up on the web mail server
Server Information:
1.     Incoming Mail Server (POP3 or IMAP):
2.     Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
3.     Make sure your account name is your entire email address as set up through our Web Mail along with the corresponding password.
4.     Make sure you check "my server requires authentication" for outgoing mail server.  This is a setting you must check for outgoing mail server when setting up your email account. This setting is enforced to prevent Spammers from using our SMTP servers.
It is recommended to use Secure Email. If you do, then use the following ports for SSL:
SMTP:    Port 465
POP3:    Port 995
IMAP:     Port 993
*Select SSL as the connection type.
Optional Mail Clients for your mobile device:

Droid Email (Droid Users)
iPhone Mail (iPhone Users)

Specific Instructions for iPhone Users:

1. Choose Your Account Type - Other Mail in this case
2. Select Add Mail Account
3. Enter your Name, Email Address and Password as set up on the mail server -
4. Enter incoming mail server name (as shown above), email address and password as set up on the server.
5. Enter outgoing mail server name (as shown above), email address and password as set up on the server.
6. Select synchronization options
7. Finish.

Specific Instructions for Droid Users:

1. Open your mail client - Droid, K9, myMail
2. Enter your email address and password as set up on the mail server
3. Select POP3
4. Enter email address, password, mail server names (
5. Enter Port Numbers. See above and decide if you want to use SSL or not.
6. Finish.
Other useful Outlook settings:

Under Advanced Settings when configuring Outlook, you can select to save a copy of the message to server under DELIVERY options. This is a good idea if you have multiple devices downloading email. Also, note to delete off server after a specific number of days which you specify here.
To get to this interface in Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, click on Tools then Accounts.
The following illustrates the general settings:
Infosaic Email
General Information Tab:
Infosaic Email
Outgoing Mail Server Settings:
Infosaic Email
Connection Information:
Advanced Email Settings:
(Please note that the outgoing mail server (SMTP) can be Port 25 or the alternative Port 8383)
We recommend using the SSL ports for more Secure Email:

SSL ports 465(SMTP) 995(POP), and 993(IMAP).
*Select SSL as the connection type.


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