Specify the folder in your hosting space or redirect to another URL.
The feature allows you to redirect the entire site to another site. Should you need to do any work, where you need to take your site �off-line� � redirecting your site to another, available location, can be a great option. Once you are done it can be pointed back to your location with us.

Select Security Settings for the specified folder or root:
1. Enable Write Permissions (This is what you would specify for a DB folder.)
2. Enable Directory Browsing (This will make your Web Server list your files if you do not have default document selected. Typically this feature is used in password protected/secured directories in Extranet scenarios � when there are some files that need to be shared.)
3. Enable Parent Paths
4. Dedicated/Isolated Application Pool (This isolates your processes from other web sites on the servers. It gives you a higher level of isolation on a shared server. Included with all hosting except Basic Hosting)

1. Allow Anonymous Access (This gives users access to the public areas of your Web or FTP site without prompting them for a user name or password. It is enabled by default, and should not be disabled unless the site need not be accessed by the general public.)
2. Enable Integrated Windows Authentication
3. Enable Basic Authentication (This is a form of authentication which requires that users have valid user accounts on your server or domain before they can log in. If you are to disable anonymous authentication (ie. Turn off browsing) the users will asked to authenticate in another way. Thus Basic authentication will prompt Users for their User ID and password. )

1. Enable Dynamic Compression
2. Enable Static Compression

Default Documents:
Lists by default all the main extensions for a default document (The first page of your web site.) You can add additional extensions in the available field. One per line.

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